Starting a new website shouldn't be hard. Here's what you need to know.
Step 1: Hosting

The first step of getting your new website off of the ground is to purchase a hosting plan. Funky Rabbit Media hosts exclusively with Media Temple and GoDaddy, and highly recommends them for their reliability, scalability, and great customer service. Whether you’re starting a simple WordPress based blog-website, or need more robust needs for your high-traffic website, These two solutions have the capacity and power to be flexible with your needs.

Use the links below to choose a hosting plan that is right for you.

  • Godaddy Economy Hosting: Great for: Small businesses with a small budget: Use coupon code: cjcrmn1hos for 85% off! That’s 12$ for a YEAR of hosting!
  • Grid Server Hosting: Great for: Bloggers, businesses, designers
  • DV Dedicated: Great for: Business, e-commerce, resellers, agencies
Step 2: Domain

The next step is to register a Domain. Your domain name is the web site address that people will type in to access your new web space. If you have registered hosting with Media Temple, the sign process requires you to register a free domain with your new hosting service. If you already have a hosting service but don’t have a domain, the annual fee for your domain will depend on your hosting service. Refer to your hosting knowledge base for more information on how to register a domain. As always, I’m happy to help you with this!

The perfect domain name is:

  • Keyword relavent
  • Brand centered
  • Unique
  • Short
  • Free of numbers, hyphens and underscores
Step 3: Planning

Now that you have the foundation you need to build a new website, it’s time to think about content. Develop a plan with pen and paper that details the kind of information you would like to include within your website. A good way to start this is by investigating competitors in your industry. What is the standard? How are you different? What do you value as important information for your visitors?

How you can be an awesome client:

  • Provide examples of work you like.
  • Provide examples of work you don’t like.
  • Think about and write up your content.
  • Organize good quality assets (photos, videos, vector logos, etc.)
  • Communicate often and keep an open mind.
Step 4: Buildout

With a foundation and a plan, you’re ready to put the pieces together! The final step is to build out the website – and that’s where our magic comes into play. Building off a strict set of web standards to ensure valid and functional code, Funky Rabbit Media builds out websites catered for every businesses’ specific needs. Start a conversation with me today, and together we’ll form a strategy within your budget to bring your web presence to the next level.

I look forward to hearing from you!


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